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Passionate for the environment, architecture, heritage and design; I have spent the past few years working to gain the skills to help better the world's built ecology. I focus on feasible, holistic design, powered by simulation.

I very much care about the work I do and try to deliver solutions in a way that is engaging, energetic and tactful. I aim to constantly learn and educate and I hope to be a teacher and a licensed engineer one day. 

Adrian John Soble

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Carleton University | 2018  - 2020

MASc Civil Engineering, NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering Program,

Specialized in Building Performance Simulation

Carleton University | 2013 - 2018

Bachelor of Engineering With Distinction

Architectural Conservation and Sustainability - Environmental Stream, Co-op Option  


Colonel By Secondary School | 2009 - 2013




2020 - Engineer-in-Training | WSP Canada - CENTRUS Joint Venture (Current)

2019 - Sustainability and Energy Intern | WSP Canada - CENTRUS Joint Venture 

2017 - Assistant Project Manager | Public Services and Procurement Canada 

2016 - Engineering Communications Teaching Assistant | Carleton University 

2015 - Water Treatment Lab Research Assistant | Carleton University 



Grants & Awards

2020 - First Place BGIS Hacking Climate Change Hackathon  

2019 - First Place IBPSA Building Performance Modeling Competition 

2019 - Ontario Graduate Scholarship 

2019 - APT Miami 2019 Student Scholar 


Revit Modeling and Renders 

Dynamo for Revit 

Grasshopper for Rhino 

Ladybug Tools Suite 

Energy Modeling 

Thermal Comfort Analysis 

Air Quality Analysis 

Day-lighting Analysis 

Parametrics and Optimization


Python Data Visualization

Python Data Analysis 

Project Management 

Therm Building Envelope Analysis





Coming Soon! 

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